Customer Testimonials

  • Coffee!

    We drink a lot of coffee.....a lot. Cafe Mam's French Roast and Tango blends are hand's down the best coffee we've found, anywhere. We live half way across the country from Oregon but order in bulk so we have it every morning. We give Cafe Mam as gifts and speak to its goodness every chance we get.
    Maria Hannon
  • Coffee Snob

    I admit it. I am a coffee 'snob'...I prefer to drink only Cafe Mam because it's not only a 'conscious' product, but has the best flavor of any coffee anywhere. Currently, I order 10 lbs. of Mocho at a time for my own use. All our visitors say we serve the best coffee they've ever tasted! It's important to me that it's Fair Trade and those who produce it profit from it.
    Jo Larsen
  • Mocho!

    We have passed along samples of the Mocho to quite a number of people and everyone loves it. Our mailman is planning on ordering some after delivering our delicious smelling packages. For us, there is no going back to grocery store coffee.
    Stacy Christian
  • Simply the best!

    The first time I tried Cafe Mam was about 16 years ago at a local place we went for breakfast every Sunday. I have tried many different beans over the years and keep coming back to this one. It's simply the best!
    Spike Finch
  • A Very Satisfied Customer

    Living on the west coast (Oregon) I have MANY coffee brands to choose from. I have been on the lookout for the perfect cup of coffee to make at home for a long time. I have tried them all – Millstone, Buckmaster, Stumptown, Seattle's Best, Starbucks, Cascade Pride, and on and on and on. Sorry...wrong number. Then I tried Cafe Mam and...I am totally sold on your brand. The flavor is consistently full and rich and I don't have to use more than a reasonable amount of coffee to achieve full flavor. Best of all, I have a problem with acidity and your coffee causes me NO problems. Believe it or not, I didn't even pay attention to the labeling and was not aware until just the other day that it is organic and fair trade!! What more could you ask for!! And the price is very reasonable for the product. I am a LOYAL Cafe Mam customer so I hope you plan to stay in business for a good LONG time. Thanks for a GREAT product.
    Graham Wickham
  • Great Coffee!

    This is truly the best coffee I've ever had! I pop right out of bed after my alarm rings, knowing that soon I'll be drinking a yummy cup of Othello coffee!

    Sally P
  • Cup of Heaven

    ... Brewed a pot of the Italian Roast the other day, 12 cups of heaven. Brewed some for friends last night, the aroma was without adjectives.
    F. Lovejoy
  • No. 1

    After 42 years of trying many varieties and blends (starting with the original Starbucks and switching rapidly to the Good Coffee Company of Seattle in 1971) Cafe Mam's Trinity Blend is No. 1. And less expensive than many nearly as good! Thank you Cafe Mam and your coffee growers!
  • Cafe Mam at the bottom of the world!

    I couldn't survive a season on the ice with out Cafe Mam. It's a tradition to drink it on the coldest of days - which is EVERY day!
    Jessy Jenkins