Customer Testimonials

  • Good Beans

    Buzz in Sequim
  • Appreciation of the very best

    There have been times that we are on vacation and we get our java from a local shop.  The same thing always happens, my wife and I always comment that we miss our Othello!!  Coming back home is always that much better knowing my Cafe' Mam is there for me every morning.  Outstanding product with that is only bolstered by a commitment to fair trade.  Thank you for the over 5 years of great java!!

    Doug Sharpe
  • Best decaf for pregnancy and breastfeeding

    I tried several different decaf coffees while newly pregant.  They were disappointing...until a friend introduced me to Cafe Mam French Roast.  It is full-bodied and makes a great french can't tell it's decaf!  And, it's swiss-water processed and pesticide-free, so it's safe to drink while growing a baby, and also while nursing.

    Lorelle Demont
  • Leo from Clover Valley Minnesota

    Doc Proc, the biking baker, served us Mam Italian 20 years ago and we've never looked for another daily brew. Our buying club has sourced Mam for several dozen hearty Minnesotans over the years. We depend on Cafe Mam to warm up our long winters.

    Leo Babeu
  • 15 Years of Coffee Heaven

    Cafe Mam French Roast decaf is hands down the best decaf coffee out there.

    Steve Scher
  • The Perfect Cup

    I always strived for "the perfect cup" and wasn't always successful until after my boyfriend delivered yet another perfect cup and when I commented he said, "oh yah, it's the tango blend". That was years ago and we are still drinking the perfect cup and not even interested in getting anything else. Birds are my life (I'm an ornithologist) and I wont buy coffee that isn't shade grown and as a fan of human justice I won't buy coffee that isn't fair trade. Thanks Cafe Mam for providing the absolute perfect cup.

  • Therapy roast

    My son bought me the Therapy roast for Christmas and I have never felt so alive. For the first time I didn't feel sluggish in the afternoon. It was amazing and I am hooked on it.

    Thank you.

  • Really is the best

    This coffee is the best and I know it is the best because I have tasted all coffee. I am an immortal time traveler and have/had/will decide(d) to use my endless years traveling to everyplace that has/had/will have coffee and taste it. Because I am immortal and have dominion over time, I have already tasted all coffee that ever was, is, or will be. I decided to dwell in this here and now to have another cup, that is how good this coffee is. It really is the best. It is so good that I am going to stay in this here and now, drinking this best coffee until I tire of it, which I predict will take eons. EONS!!

    Kevin Lynch
    The immortal
  • Everyone Asks

    My lovely friend Judy, who lives in Eugene, introduced me to the Tango blend about 7 years ago. I've tried many of the Cafe Mam roasts and am always delighted. Whenever we have guests and they try Cafe Mam they always ask what kind of coffee it is - so good, so smooth, so fragrant, so wonderful, so unusual. I bounce around to lots of good coffee shops here in the Northwest, but always come back to Cafe Mam and my sweet, contented breath of happiness as I take that first sip. Truly an excellent product and company with the most amazing service. Thank you for doing what you do and bestowing your gifts upon the world. I am blessed!

    Becky R.
  • French Roast

    We like to order French Roast Cafe Mam in bulk because it is hands down the smoothest, richest coffee we have tasted. It is never bitter. Sometimes, I wake up early just so I can have a cup sooner than later. Thank you for all the loving work you put into the coffee...we appreciate it!
    Kathleen O.