Customer Testimonials

  • The only coffee we buy!

    We started getting coffee from Cafe Mam long before it was possible to buy freshly roasted fair trade coffee closer to home. We've tried others, but none are as good. So, years later we still have it shipped out here to PA. Friends who visit often tell us how good the coffee is. We send them to the website. Thanks, Cafe Mam!

  • Barista Stamp of Approval

    As a professional barista, coffee enthusiast and avid blog writer I love to try new coffee anywhere I can get my hands on. After stumbling upon Cafe Mam I am happy to say that I was pleasantly suprised. I was expecting a sub par coffee product but what I got was oh so much more. The balance between body, acidity and sweetness was divine. Espresso is my drink and it was so great to see an independent coffee company able to sustain the selection that Cafe Mam has. On top of this, organic, fair trade and at a price that even a barista's wage can afford ;)  A great experience that I would definitely recommend. 

    Vili Spencer
  • Best Mam Ever.

    What's not to love!?  I've been a dedicated Cafe Mam coffee supporter for years.  I've tried nearly all of the roasts, 'sampling' them in 5lb. packages with no fear of disappointment.  Truly, the best roast is simply the one I am drinking on any given morning.  But, perhaps the best thing about buying Cafe Mam online is that I can be grinding the last of our usual 15lb. order, sit down and place a new order, and find the best-smelling package at my doorstep the following morning.  Boom.  Best flavor, quality and consistency, price, service, and easier on the conscience.


    Jordan Rainwater
  • The best coffee I've had!

    I am a coffee snob and when I tried this coffee I knew I couldn't drink another brand!

    Judi Patsos
  • I'm in the coffee desert of Austin, Tx

    When I moved from Eugene to Austin, Tx last year, I tried all organic French roast coffee sold through Whole Foods, finding nothing  close to Cafe Mam French Roast aroma, taste and smoothness. Luckily I can buy 5 pounds of beans through your website. Sincerely, Pamela Roberts


    Pamela Roberts
  • Happy customer for ten years

    We have been using these beans for ten years in our cafe in remote, Northeastern California. Travelers are often surprised by our delicious coffee and espresso. Café Mam beans are a big reason we call ourselves Surprise! Café!  Other roasters have sent me samples, but nothing even compares, not even trying Kona in Kona is better!

    Surprise! Cafe
  • Endures the Test of Time

    I've been proudly serving your french roast for 18 years--first at Eugene's Morning Glory Cafe and now at my new venture, Velo Bed and Breakfast--and would never consider serving, let alone drinking, anything else.  Quality roast. Every. Single. Time.

    Misha English
    owner, Velo Bed and Breakfast
  • It's all good

    As a fairly regular attendee of Eco-Farm Conference since around 1990, one of the benefits is the Cafe Mam booth. The unsurpassed aroma and taste combine with what I know about the decades long mutual admiration that Dahinda Meda, Cafe Mam initial instigator, had with my father Everett Dietrick, pioneering insect ecologist. Knowing the substantial role that Dahinda and Cafe Mam have played in support of NCAP, Northwest Coatition Against Pesticides is definitely part of my decision to buy no other brand. Even if the coffee were half so enjoyable, its alignment with my father's work means a great deal. I married a guy Ron Whitehurst, Pest Control Adviser, who had been attending Eco-Farm along with my father since its inception, Ron was already a Cafe Mam devotee for the same reasons I cite, exceptional material and spiritual quality of the product and the producers. Even when I think I might be OK not drinking coffee every morning, Ron's daily habit is so absolute that the aroma spreading through the house after we finish morning meditation is non-negotiable; therefore, he has to put in a cup for me. He takes a bag of beans with him when he visits family, partly to share, but mainly because we are so spoiled. Since partnering with Ron as a regular daily Mam drinker in 1997, every other non-Mam cup I have ever been served has been such a disappointment, that I know, if we were to ever run out, I could easily stop drinking coffee. He orders French Roast and Tango in 5# bags for home and business and we go back and forth. Couldn't tell you which flavor we prefer. As Dahinda says with his magnetic radiance, "It's all good."

    Jan Dietrick
    President, Rincon-Vitova Insectaries, Inc.
  • Unwavering Quality!

    We have been ordering beans from Cafe Mam for ten years. The quality of their product is consistently high! We are grateful for the care that is apparently put into the roasts and the excellent customer service. Cafe Mam beans give way to one of the best cups of coffee you'll ever taste, whether you brew it in a French press, stove top espresso maker (our absolute favorite!) or a drip pot.

    Lucie Kiwimagi
  • Morning Coffee

    My friend Tiffany brought me a steaming cup of your coffee while I was camping out at their Ranch. BEST cup of coffee ever.

    I drove North on I-5 heading home and hoping to be in Eugene at a decent time to make a purchase of fresh roasted beans. I got there too late, but I did place an order online.

    I had my first cup this morning - fresh ground beans and a pull from my Oscar espresso machine - amazingly delicious and bursting with flavor.

    I am a customer for life. Thanks To Tiffany for sharing Cafe Mam.

    Buzz Stearn