Better Beans Make Better Coffee

Most coffee drinkers are not aware that Europeans buy a higher grade of coffee than Americans do. European grade coffee beans cost more and have half the defects (2% vs. 4%) of American grade beans. A defective bean is off-color, sour, broken or the wrong size. Bad beans burn faster than the rest of the batch, producing a bitter taste. Coffee connoisseurs agree that European grade coffee has a richer, smoother taste, with no bitter bite. There are two main varieties of coffee trees, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica beans are more flavorful and contain less caffeine than Robusta. The best-flavored Arabica beans come from the highest altitudes (3,000 feet up to the frost zone). Royal Blue Organics imports only European grade, certified organic, high altitude ("altura"), Arabica beans grown by indigenous farmers, producing the best cup of coffee around.