Roasts & Blends

All roasts and blends are fresh-roasted to order and available in regular or decaf. The Swiss Water decaffeination Process is a certified organic process using Café Mam beans. Decaffeinated beans roast slightly darker than regular beans, but the taste of decaf and regular beans is the same.

French Roast

French Roast is the darkest roast available, with oily beans that are almost black, but not burned. It is very rich tasting with a smoky finish. French roast has less caffeine and a lower acid content.

Italian Roast

Italian Roast is our original roast; a roast well suited to Café Mam beans. It is rich and dark in flavor with a bold, complete taste.

Medium Roast

Medium Roast is the class of roasts that has brought oil to the surface of the bean. Our Medium is slightly lighter than Italian, with a sheen of oil and a clean, fruity taste.

Light Roast

Light Roast roast is light brown, with no oil on the surface of the bean. Light roast has the highest caffeine content and an herbal, flowery aftertaste.

Therapy Roast

Therapy Roast is specific for Gerson patients using it for detoxification. For more information visit the Gerson Institute.

Tango Blend

Tango is an equal combination of French and Italian. Tango blends the smoky finish from the French with the full-bodied richness of the Italian. It takes two to tango!

Trinity Blend

Trinity is blended with equal parts French, Italian & Medium roasts, offering a perfect balance of smoky richness and mellow sweetness.

Royal Espresso Blend

Royal Espresso is a blend, which varies with each harvest to create the very best flavor for your home espresso machine.

Viennese Blend

Viennese is a blend of three parts Medium and one part French. It has a rich flavor with a mellow sweetness.

Mochó Blend

Mochó is a three to two blend of Medium and Italian. It is fruity with a good body and clean aftertaste. Mochó is excellent served with food.

Othello Blend

Othello has 1 part French, 1 part Italian, and 2 parts Light. It is full-bodied with a mellow, herbal aftertaste.

Breakfast Blend

Breakfast Blend is equal parts Medium and Light. It is sweet and mellow with plenty of caffeine to start your day.